I am not working out now anywhere near as much as I was a few years back. I was doing hours of cardio and wasn’t satisfied with my workout unless I was drenched with sweat at the end. Now I workout WAY less and I am seeing WAY more results than I ever have before!

How is this possible?

In a world where we always think that more is better… How can I possibly get you to understand that your obsessive cardio routine is doing you no good?

Sure cardio has a place and time but let me share a few other things with you that may help you change your mind from long hours on the Eliptical to quick and effective strength training workouts:

Lifting weights = Change

If you are looking to see change in the shape of your body you need to be lifting heavy weights. Cardio will not “tone” your body or help you to build muscle. 

Cardio will but it won't

Cardio helps us burn calories (as does lifting) but will only leave you soft and skinny fat.

Weights will now and after

When we do cardio we are definitely burning calories, however when we stop so does the burn. When we lift weights we are also burning calories but the burn doesn’t stop there… we continue to do so for up to 48 hours after.

Crazy benefits!

Lifting weights even a few days a week has a ton of benefits like: improved strength and tone, flexibility and balance, mobility and stamina. It also helps you sleep better.

Capability discovery!

Weight lifting boosts your self confidence, improves your body image and enhances your mood. Think you are “too old” or “too weak” think again!

Quick and do-able

We can perform a super effective strength training workout in as little as 20 minutes and move on with our day which is super important for most of my women/mama clients.

Everyday I hear from women who feel they have no time and seem to think that there couldn’t possibly be a way to fit in any type of workout. When I introduce them to effective 20 minute strength training workouts that they can do a few times a week to see results they are shocked and beyond grateful. No more long hours on the treadmill, no more avoiding exercise because we don't think we have the time, no more wasted time. Period.  

Discovering workouts that fit into our lives with ease helps us to make long term health and fitness decisions that last.

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