Tell me if you have heard any of this advice about surviving the holidays fit. These are the classic "all or nothing" attitudes:


You can just start over in January.

Just enjoy, it’s the Holiday season.

Try the Splurge and Starve method.. Don’t eat all day then splurge at night and starve again the next day.


Eat before you go to the party. Better yet, bring your own food in those little tupperwares.

Choose water over alcohol.

Indulge as much as you want and then do a shit ton of cardio the next day to “make up” for what you ate.

OK, so let me just share with you a few words of wisdom here… ready for it?

This is all BULLSHIT.

We sure can start over in January and many of us will because the New Year is fresh start for us, it’s a chance to focus with a new mindset and new goals. But do we really want to completely give up? Do we really want to say F-this and ruin everything that we have worked so hard for in 2017? What would be the point in that?

That brings me to the next one… “Enjoy, it’s the holiday season” Yes it is. But the holiday is one or two days, one or two dinners, one or two parties, one or two or ten cookies. It does not have to be all day errrryday indulgence after splurge after overdoing it at every meal… Just because it’s the holidays does not mean we need to let go of every healthy habit we have so we don’t miss out on something.. FOMO around food is a real thing but we can pick and choose our indulgences we do not need all of them.. The same treats will be here tomorrow, the next day, and next year so feel free to leave some for someone else to enjoy! 😉

“Eat before you go to the party, or bring your own food…” This makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD. Do not be this girl… Just don’t. Surely you can find something to eat.. Seek out veggies, protein, fruit, and other things that your enjoy that fit or don’t fit within your goals but don’t single yourself out. Living a fat loss lifestyle means that we know what to eat whether we are at a party, at home, at a restaurant, or on vacation.. this doesn't mean we always do but at least we know what the best choices are.

You CAN have a glass of wine if you choose or even a cocktail or two?! Yesssss drink some water, before, during and after buuuut cheers to the holidays.. It’s really OK.


Exercise should NEVER be a punishment for what you ate. We exercise because we exercise not to make up for anything ever!

Last but not least the splurge and starve… this sounds just plain stupid and like a rollercoaster of unhealthy behavior. If you want to “watch” what you eat during the day before a night out OK… try and keep the food you eat during the day to protein and veggies and save your carbs and fats for later… but don’t starve all day (and the next) if it’s something that makes you miserable - not to mention that splurging or going overboard is sure to make you feel bloated and gross if you consume your days worth of calories in a few hours at a holiday party!

There you have it - the WORST advice out there about surviving the Holidays FIT.

To be completely honest the very best way to enjoy the holidays FIT is to treat the holidays just like every other day of the year.. Always allowing yourself to eat the foods you love in moderation is key to breaking free from the diet “rules” and living a fat loss lifestyle.

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