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Meet the "You Can't Let Up"

diet demon

This demon whispers "You're not perfect yet, there's still more you could do."

You're a total Pinterest junkie. Your boards are filled with 10% DIY home projects and 90% HIIT workouts, diet hacks, and Paleo recipes - all great ideas but you rarely use them. Why? Because trying something new means you've got to pay extra close attention to the nutritional label, and that's annoying. Routine is comforting and makes it much easier to control the outcome of each day.

Control equals accomplishment - a feeling you fabricate for others to see because on the inside, you're still working overtime to achieve your version of perfection.

Starting your day by looking in the mirror to pick a new 'problem area' to tackle doesn't feel great, but it's how you've accomplished so much. Sure, you're proud but what's wrong with shedding a few pounds or flattening your tummy even more? It's not negative self-talk if you're critiquing. So you do a few extra burpees and lift heavier weights to target certain goals - what's the problem? You're more than capable.

The hardest obstacle you'll have to overcome won't be on the gym floor or in the kitchen - it'll be in your mind. Deciding to switch gears from weight loss to maintenance mode hasn't happened because your inner diet demon has you convinced you're not perfect yet.

Here's your invitation to let go of pointing out flaws, and discovering what life would look like if you allowed your body to rest once in a while. Before you can achieve perfection, you need to embrace the fact that perfection doesn't exist.

You need a simple plan for a doable lifestyle and a circle of supportive women just like you to cheer you on. There's an email headed your way with everything you need to make that happen!

What's Next:


Take Action

You can start NOW.

Your self sabotage comes from feeling like you can't ever make the "right" decision -- but you're a smart mama and you know that drinking water is a good choice, right?!

So let's start there!

I know it seems simple but easy is doable long term.. and sustainability with new habits is how you will feel successful. 

TWO: Meet a mama

just like you...

Take a listen to what Kathryn has to share about starting where you are in this interview below...

"I just needed something to take care of myself and be in a better place because this feels awful and I can't live my life like this anymore"

Here's what I want you to know -- there are simple, basic, doable habits that you can start right now that don't require you to magically change your attitude and be all motivated -- its ok to start where you are -- and we can help you with that.


Find your tribe

 The internet is a pretty cool place these days bursting at the seams with resources, programs and communities of women. This is good news for you but I encourage you to look for a group that shares the same goals and focus as you. Your decision to quit dieting and create long lasting lifestyle changes is a BIG deal and you're going to want a group that can give you the tools, accountability and support along the way so that the shifts you make truly come from you and what you need most.

We can help you with that. 

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself!

Hey, I'm Melanie!

I help busy mamas - just like you! - who’ve “tried it all” finally become healthy, strong, and confident in their bodies once and for all. When I started out I was frustrated... the thought of starting another program and failing AGAIN was unbearable.

I started using dumbbells & spending less time in my workouts and I was actually seeing change in the way I looked and felt.

I stopped dieting, learned a few basic things about nutrition and started eating more of the foods I loved everyday.

Now I am seeing my body change like never before, I am losing weight and keeping it off seems simple and doable long term. I can't wait for you to see the exact same results in your body and in your life.

P. S.

I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that you’ll come hang out with us for a bit in the Real Strong Coaching club...

I've been where you are, and I believe so much in you and what you can create in your life with the right info and support.

That’s why the trial’s totally free!

You really can’t lose anything (except those pesky demons). And I’ll be sending more tips and resources to cheer you on, so keep an eye on your inbox.

I can’t wait to hear more about you and your journey, mama!

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