Raise your hand if you beat yourself up daily for the things that you cant do perfectly..

I think it’s a mom thing and honestly and it hurts me to think I could be passing my perfectionism on to my kids without really even trying..

The other day Josie cried hard when she couldn’t create a zip line out of a piece of string for her stuffed animals (this string wasn’t anywhere near strong enough to hold her pups and her creation was really impossible to make work) but she was determined and when she couldn’t do it she felt like a failure..

Here’s the deal, she didn’t blame the string, she didn’t blame her pups, she blamed herself for not being good enough..

And mamas.. that is NOT OK.

She has everything she needs inside herself to make this vision a reality.. she just needs better tools!

And mama... when YOU are beating yourself up for not being perfect.. for not eating perfect, for not exercising perfect, for not having a perfect day, a perfect week, or a perfect month..

maybe you need to stop
... stop trying to be perfect and find better tools.

Tools that will allow you to create a better vision that fits your reality.. where good enough is better than perfect..

every. single. day.

you wouldn’t expect your daughter to perfectly create a zip line for her stuffed animals out of dental floss would you? ??‍♀️

so why are you expecting the impossible out of yourself?

let me help you see that perfect isn’t REAL (and help you apply REAL food & REAL fitness in your REAL life) here in my free course: melanielund.com/course

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